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You can go on a trip to Casa Angelina and actually see Leah's House, hug the oprhans living there, and see the villagers right outside the gates of the orphanage. There are "work trips" scheduled about 1 week out of every month. To get more information about when the trips are, go to On trips, teams do a lot of construction, painting, landscaping, etc., but they also welcome any type of medical professionals. The Mercy Clinic is on the orphanage grounds and serves the children and staff at Casa Angelina, and also the people in the village as well. The villagers have very little access to medical care, so any help is appreciated!

Our blog for 2012 is: It will have a day-to-day log of what we did with photos, starting Feb. 16th. Check it out! Going on a trip to a third world country will change your life forever!

Here is a video of what we have accomplished over the years in Guatemala:

Slideshow from our trip in Feb. 2013:

Slideshow from our trip in Feb. 2010:

An overview of Leah's Kids:

Another video about Guatemala is at:

Our blog from our trip Feb. 13-21, 2009 at

Our blog from our 2010 trip is at

Go to youtube and view a slide show of our trip in Feb. 2009:

 Chad and Jodie usually plan a trip to Guatemala every February and June from South Dakota.
Let us know if you would like to come along with us!
Email Jodie at for more details.
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