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Many blessings have occured for Leah's House. Here is an attempt to list some of them:

1. $65,000 expected to be raised over 2 or 3 years to build Leah's House. It was raised in 11 months thanks to many people donating! A special $25,000 check came in one week before we left in February 2010 to get us up to our goal! Thank you everyone!

2. We have received free radio time for getting the word out about Leah's House (thanks so much Ben and Patty and other DJ's!!)

3. We wanted to get the whole floor poured for Leah's House while we were there in February 2010. It was said it couldn't be done because a plumber was not coming, and pipes need to be layed in the floor before pouring the cement. At the beginning of the week while we were there- "Matt the Plumber" showed up, he said God told him 10 days before to buy a ticket to Guatemala and return to Casa Angelina. We got the plumbing done and finished the whole floor- Praise the Lord!!! And thanks to Matt for being obedient to God!

4. March of 2012 kids moved into Leah's House for the first time. What an amanzing realization of a long-time dream!

5. House parents came to Leah's House that are a huge blessing! Carol and her husband are Guatemalans that had their own orphanage and had it taken away from them legally. They have a huge heart for orphans and are a great fit in Leah's House! This is a huge blessing as the job of being a house parent is a very hard position to fill. It is a 24-7 job and requires a huge commitment and dedication. So many prayers were answered! 
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